Celebrate the Festival of Colors- Holi

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Holi – the festival of colors is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous of Hindu festival. It’s an occasion that brings in unadulterated joy and mirth, fun and play, music and dance, and, of course, lots of bright colors. With winter neatly tucked up in the attic, it’s time to come out of our cocoons and enjoy this spring festival. Every year it is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March and glorifies good harvest and fertility of the land. It is also time for spring harvest. The new crop refills the stores in every household and perhaps such abundance accounts for the riotous merriment during Holi. This also explains the other names of this celebration – ‘Vasant Mahotsava’ and ‘Kama Mahotsava’.

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Valentine’s Week Days ,Date List with Their Meaning


With the beginning of February, the countdown for the most awaited event, i.e. Valentine’s Day, starts. It is an event which is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm, especially by the love birds or couples who are either dating each other or are in a relationship. 14th February is like a festival for them and hence its importance is quite high for them.  The celebration of this festival starts even before a week.  Many couples dedicate each day to their loved one and continue making it special for their loved ones, starting from 7th February till 14th February.

Love is one of the most beautifully-expressed feelings in the world and to celebrate it we have not just one day but an entire week. Here is a list of each special day of Valentine’s Week and ideas for what to gift your lover or spouse and the special messages to wish them with.

Rose Day (7 February)

On Rose Day, which marks the beginning of Valentine’s Week, lovers greet each other with beautiful, crimson-red roses. So buy a bouquet of red roses to express how truly, madly, deeply you are in love with your special one on Rose Day 2015. However if you are not at that stage of your relationship yet, get white roses for new beginnings or yellow roses that represent friendship. You can also get pink roses that stand for grace and elegance. And if you want to make it simpler, you can send SMS with Rose Day wishes in it.

Propose Day (8 February)

If you have got marriage on your mind then Propose Day is meant for you. Announce your undying love, propose marriage to your partner and shower him/her with gifts on Propose Day 2015. Best gifts would include an engagement ring or a promise ring or even an articulate message in a greeting card.

Chocolate Day (9 February)

The third day in Valentine’s Week is the one in which you spoil your lover rotten, with an unlimited number of chocolates. Surprise your lover by gifting them their favorite chocolates and see the magic of your love falling on them.

Teddy Day (10 February)

Teddy Day is especially relished by girls because generally they love soft toys and love to hold on to one at all times. If you want your girlfriend to remember you at all times, gift her soft, adorable teddy bear that you know she will not be able to put down.

Promise Day (11 February)

The roller-coaster ride of love has its ups and downs. But what makes it worth all the trouble is the commitment. So on Promise Day 2015 make some new promises and try to fulfill the old ones to strengthen your relationship. A thoughtful gift that assures him/her that you actually listen to them and paying attention is the best gift possible.

Hug Day (12 February)

On 12 February take the time to reassure your friends and loved ones that you love them and hold them close to your heart. Give them a tight hug and make sure they feel the warmth of your love and care.

Kiss Day (13 February)

On the sixth day of Valentine week, kiss your special one passionately to express your love. A kiss of your love can melt their heart and bring them even more closely to you.

Valentine’s Day (14 February)

The actual star of the entire charade is Valentine’s Day. Plan a special date or a lovely, cozy day. Whatever it is, make them feel special and wanted. Make it a memorable day, one to outdo exactly a year later. You could even gift a rose, a teddy, a kiss, a hug, a promise, chocolates and a renewed proposal on this day of love. And if you make it somewhat unique, send them a Valentine SMS with all your feelings expressed in it.

Though your loved one already knows how much you love them, but Valentine’s Day is a chance to make them feel special and to show how much you care for them. So, make your loved one feel good and strengthen your bond of love again.


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Why Should You Invite Friends on Ultoo?

Can you imagine spending hours on your favorite social networking site without the company of those crazy, special friends of yours? Your friends play a special part in making those long hours on Internet memorable, irrespective of the fact that it is whatsapp or invite friends - Croodsfacebook. If you don’t have your friends to keep you company then you will probably not spend 5 minutes on these social websites. In fact, looking at the increasing demand for networking possibilities, there are many service oriented websites that also offers the option of connecting and messaging the friends and family of the website user. One such website is called  Ultoo.

Ultoo was started with sole purpose of providing its registered members with the benefit of sending free SMS to their contacts and also an opportunity of earning free mobile recharge by just playing games or performing few selected activities. The money earned gets credited into your account automatically and can be redeemed to recharge your mobile phone without even paying a single penny. The services accorded by the website which offer recharge are playing games, quizzes, taking part in polls, submitting poll questions, inviting people over to the website and many more.

Benefits of Inviting Friends

There are numerous benefits of having your friends on the website that you usually frequent. Top 3 are as follows:

Free Mobile Recharge

Imagine getting money for having your near and dear ones in touch and contact with you. Ultoo offers this dual benefit to all its members as they get Rs 2 credited to their account whenever someone the user invited joins the website. So you have your close and loved ones with you and also have chance to win free rs 100 mobile recharge daily.

Friendly Competition

Healthy and friendly competition is part and parcel of friendship all over the world. You can challenge your friends to win more money in games and quizzes than you. Furthermore, another fun race can be that the first person to reach certain amount of recharge wins some kind of prize or maybe the loser’s part of mobile recharge.


This is one thing that humans just can’t survive without. You will have company and more common topics to talk on when you meet your friends. From funny videos to serious sentimental and emotional subject videos can be discussed over a cup of coffee, as you both have Ultoo videos in common.

The above points are just some common benefits that you will guarantee experience if you join Ultoo and also invite your friends and get free recharge. To take more and more advantage of the website, just register on the following link with your valid email id and active mobile number and join the million others who are already enjoying them while getting free mobile recharge.

Gautam Gulati bags the Bigg Boss8 Trophy and 50 lakhs cash reward!


The most popular Reality show of Indian television, Bigg Boss 8 came to an end on Saturday, 31st January 2015 as Gautam Gulati won the grand finale of the season. The contest was really extended and renamed as Bigg Boss Halla Bol after Salman left the anchoring of the show and Farah Khan replaced him instead. Gautam Gulati, the winner of Season 8 defeated Karishma Tanna in the finale after Dimpy, Ali and Pritam.

The TV actor Gautam Gulati got the Bigg Boss trophy and Rs.50 lakh cash prize as the award. The results were as per the rumours doing rounds on social media. Twitter handles BiggBossNews and BiggBossLiveNews declared Gautam Gulati as the winner of the eight season of the much talked about celebrity reality show, late Friday night.Adding twist to the finale, Bigg Boss offered Rs.25 lakh to all the three finalists for walking out of the competition. While, Gautam and Karishma refused the offer, Preetam decided to take the cash and quit the race. Pritam Singh was the second most popular contestant on the show till December end but lost out his spot to Karishma following his fights with Gautam.

People were actually getting bored of this season as it got stretched too much which made it a bit monotonous. Though there were many activities happening in the house that retained the audience but overall it was a great time. With the end of this season, all the celebrities are expected to be seen on the Television again with their new shows. Till then, let’s wait for the next season and of course find a new source of entertainment that feeds the daily dose of Bollywood gossips.


















Michelle Obama to bring a new change in Saudi Arabia?

Michelle Obama, the first African-American Lady of United States and the wife of the President of USA, Mr. Barrack Obama has been in news for her endeavors for the welfare of humanity and other social causes. Being an American lawyer and a writer her efforts in the direction of women empowerment have brought a lot of difference in the recent scenario. Her recent visit to Saudi Arabia with her husband, to the late Saudi King Abdullah has become a topic of discussion on social media as well.

Michelle Obama in Saudi Arabia

Michelle Obama being talked about on Social Media

As noted by the press, Michelle Obama did not wear a headscarf or veil Tuesday. In Saudi Arabia, that’s unusual: The country is one of the few on Earth where women are expected to cover their heads, and most Saudi women wear niqabs. Exceptions are made for foreigners, however, and Michelle – who did wear loose clothing that fully covered her arms – appears to have been one of them. In photographs from the official events, other foreign female guests are also shown not wearing headscarves.

Protests on Social Media in the form of Hashtags

More than 1,500 tweets using the hashtag #ميشيل_أوباما_سفور (roughly, #Michelle_Obama_unveiled) were sent Tuesday, many of which criticized the first lady. Some users pointed out that on a recent trip to Indonesia, Michelle had worn a headscarf. Why not in Saudi Arabia? Well, the answer is clear as its one’s choice to follow the traditions or not. Michelle Obama has given an example of breaking the stereo types and not caring about the circumstances of the same.

A new dawn for the Women Community

This whole incident has given a guide to the all the women and girls of the world who are being suppressed by the male dominated society. Let’s hope that the future events of Mrs. Obama further help strengthening the power of feminism and make the world a better place to live in.