Send Holi surprises to your loved ones!

mobile number trackerIt is festival season again, and I am sure you don’t want to be away from your loved ones! But situations play their cruelty and drives you away from them, do not worry, spread the colours of the festival far and beyond.

Send them wishes, send them gifts with Fullonsms free messaging service that stands by you on all occasions. You can also send gifts and parcels to your beloved with the ease of having a pin code finder here itself on the website. Fullonsms helps you locate the pin code of any place across the country within a click.

You can track them and find them here rather than asking the details from them and killing the surprise. Let the gift be a secret and we will help you direct it to them with our services.

You only have to logon to, go to the locator page and you would find the pin code locator which you can locate via the city or vice versa.

Additionally, you also have mobile number tracker to locate the city and then the pin code in case you got confused with both.

Do not let the season go without surprises. Spread colours, and live bright. Have a very Happy Holi!

Fullonsms Offering Mobile Number Tracker as one of its feature

Have you ever wondered how would you trace your mobile if it ever got lost? Well there is no need to panic as FullonSMS now offers users a feature that can help them retrieve their lost phones. Mobile Number Tracker is  a wonderful feature by FullonSMS that helps a user locate the exact address of his/her mobile phone.

How does Mobile Number Locator Work?

Mobile Number Tracker works on the data provided by TRAI (which is publicly available). It displays this information it retrieves from Google Maps. A user in order to search a particular number has to enter the number in the given field and will have available the details of that phone number with him.

What all Mobile Tracking Softwares are available?

There are many Mobile Phone Locating software’s and applications available, but the following sites can guarantee you the best results.

  • Telephone Directory: It is a Desktop Client by which you can trace Mobile Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes from your desktop without the use of internet. It is available Free of cost.
  • Mobile Number Tracker (FullonSMS): FullonSMS Mobile Number Tracker enables a user to search the exact location of any number just by entering the number on their site. The feature is free of cost and also provides the user other crucial information apart from the location of the phone.
  •  Mobile Number Locator (Java OS phones): Mobile Number Tracker traces the complete information of any number including Service Provider, State, or Reference City. This software comes handy when a user wants to locate the whereabouts of a missedcall.

Why SMS marketing?

SMS marketing has been getting quite lucrative day after day and reaching new heights with time. Now one thing that one may definitely wonder is that why should one sort to an sms in a world of whatsapp, hike, easy mails or even Facebook? And it is a justifiable concern too. On one level.

If we look at the complete picture, one would agree that precisely because of the so many other busy mediums of networking that are, sms is all the more important for business marketing. Take it like this. How many whatsapp pings and unattended emails to you get in a day? And how many of those do you look at instantly?

These days the flooding of messages on whatsapp and emails has led to people not even reading all of those. But it rarely happens that one misses a text message. So to promote a business or anything for that matter, an sms is one of the primary mediums.

  1. It is fast and easy

You do not really have to do much to frame an sms and send it across. While an emailer might require more efforts in terms of visuals and everything, an sms could be straight and effective and easy.

  1. Intimate connection

Reaching a customer’s phone inbox would anyways make a personal connect that can bring in more loyalty and make you more approachable for the customers. Sending wishes on birthdays or anniversaries would help foster a long relation with your users.

  1. It is more approachable than other mediums

Sending a whatsapp ping or an email might mean high chances of the users not even reading the message. But a text message does prompt everyone to have a look. So it is much more approachable than other mediums.

It is like old is gold. No matter how many applications come into the market, but the sweet old text message cannot be replaced. And that is why we always have those for you. You can send free text messages from fullonsms to any number in India. We hope we provide you with everything you need.

5 blockbuster songs of 2015 that wouldn’t die with the year!

Are you a music lover? The past year has given Bollywood a huge collection of mesmerising songs that wouldn’t leave your head. We have here compiled a list of 5 really amazing songs from the Bollywood story of 2015. Songs that would remain alive for longer than we know, for longer than they were produced to be for.

So if you have by any chance missed the most of the last year, here we bring to you the filtered not to be missed things. Have a look at 5 blockbuster songs of 2015

  1. Jeena Jeena – Badlapur

Atif Aslam it is! It had to be in the top list of course! This song from the movie ‘Badlapur’ is composed by Sachin-Jigar and was on the lips of every second person when it was released.

  1. Khaamoshiyan – Khaamoshiyan

This song was the ringtone of every love bird, it is one of the most romantic songs of the year. Sung by Arijit Singh and composed by Jeet Gannguli, the song is from the movie ‘Khaamoshiyan’

  1. Tu Hai Ki Nahi – Roy

Ranbir Kapoor starrer movie ‘Roy’ gave this another amazing and popular song ‘Tu Hai Ki Nahi’. It was sung by Ankit Tiwari.

  1. Deewani Mastani – Baajirao Mastaani

It came towards the end of the year but it does not mean it couldn’t hit the list. Deewani Mastaani has been one of the grandest song of the year, featuring Deepika Padukone from the movie ‘Baajirao Mastaani’. The song is sung by Mujtaba Aziz Naza, Shahdab Faridi, Altmash Faridi and Farhan Sabri.

  1. Hamarai Adhuri Kahani – Hamari Adhuri Kahani

I guess not only this one, but every song of this movie has been superhit. But the title song hit the charts. Sung by Arijit Singh, this has been one of the best takes from the year 2015.

Did you find your favourite song in the list? If not, and you want to, you can write to us, we can extend the list to add more songs! And to write anything at all to anyone at all you do not have to worry anymore because fullonsms provides you loads of free sms so you can keep connected with your friends all the time. You can send free sms to anyone in India using the website.

5 things that Dilwale would disappoint you on!

All those big budget promotions and the big star cast of Dilwale had made the entire audience wait for THE date when our favourite Jodi Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol would hit the big screens. I too wanted to watch the movie only to see both of them together. After all they are just too adorable to miss.

But everybody who has watched Dilwale would agree, that okay yes both of them look great together, but then they cannot just do anything to come together! 5 things in the movie Diwale mentioned below would really make you amaze as to why at all did amazing stars like SRK and Kajol sign the movie?

1. Confusion all around

In the first half of the movie, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are too confused about their love. In an instant they fall in love, in another instant they become enemies and betray each other, in yet another instance they get into love again, and then finally one of them shoots the other. It seems the Bollywood King of love has forgotten how to love considering his growing age.

2. Jokes too lame

So the director wants you to laugh like so desperately that he loses the entire sense of humour. The movie is full of jokes that aren’t even funny. And you would really not know when should you laugh.

3. Dialogue too filmy

Yes I know you are watching a film and the dialogues ought to be filmy, but if you watch this movie you would know what I mean by ‘too filmy’. I wondered at times whether this dialogue was really supposed to be like this or was it to create humour or was it just overly done. And this would happen throughout the length of the movie.

4. Too less of the main stars

Those who went for the movie just to see SRK and Kajol together would be highly disappointed. There isn’t really much of both of them together except for in the overly budgeted song ‘Gerua’. In the first half in fact you would hardly find even one of them for long.

5. Acting!

Perhaps the biggest turn out of the movie was the turn out in the acting of the stars. If there was a separate rating exclusively for the acting in the movie, I would probably give it a one. Almost everyone in the film was overacting to significantly visible limits.

So yes, Dilwale has disappointed the fans big time after the extravagant wait they had done for its release. But do not worry, we always have free sms on our website to keep you entertained when the movies fail to do so. You can send free text messages using fullonsms and keep yourself engaged with the most entertaining people you know, without the need to worry about having a message pack done!