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Modi announcemnet

With the announcement of the ‘Digital India’ program by the PM of the country, Sh. Narendra Modi, the industry is about to see a new revolution in the economy. Keeping in mind the present scenario, the PM has also said that a Digital India Advisory Group would also be created so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the program. The reason behind the same is the increasing popularity and use of internet among small and large businesses in order to promote the same.

With the boom in the IT and Telecom industry, the SMEs have started adopting the strategy of large business houses for the promotion of their services and products in the market. The popularity of Social Media has made public use it as a tool for the promotion of their business and other promotional purposes. Internet can be seen flooded with the advertisements of different promotional services, business plans aimed at benefiting the general public, which is actually a strategy to attract people to increase the sales and revenue. In other terms, the sellers hit on the emotional aspect of the consumers in order to sell their product/service. They are able to do this with the help of the most popular method of communication, i.e. Social Media which can be in the form of commercials, advertisements, videos etc. But is it really an effective medium of communication. The answer can be partially yes and no because being a developing country, India has a large group of masses who is still uneducated and does not have any access to internet or social media.

Though the use of the technology is increasing day-by-day, but the ratio of no-users is higher than the users of social media. So, it cannot be considered a much successful plan or strategy. But there is one more aspect of this technology that can be effectively used for the same purpose, with the guarantee of good results. This technology is known as SMS or Messaging service, which is the most common and powerful tool for reaching the masses. This is another form of Digital marketing as the users can be contacted with the help of internet as well. There are many websites that allow Sending free messages Online to all the mobile users across the country. FullonSMS is one such website that allows the users to send  Unlimited free SMS  to any mobile user in the country.

Thus, the technology can be used by various business firms and SMEs for promoting their business and services. Moreover, it will help the users and the sellers to interact with each other which will further increase the chances of improvement and receiving feedback. So, whether it’s a business promotion idea or the launch of any new product/service, everything can be done with one common source- . Login today and help your business to expand without any fail.

Ultoo Earnings

Earnings on Ultoo are nothing but the amount of recharge that the user has earned by participating in different activities offered by the website. However, there are certain rules regarding the earning collected by the user, such as:

  • To recharge mobile you must have at least Rs. 10 in your account.
  • Earnings are non-transferable, that is, you cannot ask for cash or any other product in lieu of your earning.
  • You can redeem your earning for mobile recharge only.

Following is step by step guide for the Earning feature:

Step 1> Login to the website with your registered mobile number and password on the given URL:

Ultoo Register Login Page

Step 2> Write the code shown on Captcha correctly for verification of your account and to prove that you are human and not a robot.

Ultoo captcha code

Step 3> After successful login with correct details, you will be directed to the Dashboard page of your account, that is, your home page.

Ultoo Home

Step 4> Click on ‘Earning’ tab which will further offer 3 options to choose from. Click on ‘My Earning History’ to know about all the activities you performed to earn recharge.

Ultoo Earning

Step 5> Invite and earn option allows you to earn more recharge by inviting your friends to the website. Invitation can be send via SMS or email.

Invite by Mail and SMS

Step 6> Recharge option allows you to redeem your earnings to recharge your mobile. It also offers the option of viewing earning details for your perusal.

Ultoo My Earning

So just logon with Ultoo and start earning free recharge for your mobile by redeeming your earnings.

Read Online Horoscope via Ultoo

Imagine if you could know how your day will go at office without paying a penny for it to anyone. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Now you can do just that via a website called Ultoo. This website’s main motto is to provide its user free recharge by performing certain activities on the website, such as, inviting friends, playing games, answering quiz etc. For every right answer, user gets certain amount of recharge set against the question. Another unique feature offered by Ultoo is Online horoscope or as called by the website My Bhavishya. Here is a step by step guide to this interesting feature:

Step 1> Login to the website with your registered mobile number and password. URL:

Ultoo Login


Step 2> Follow the instructions and write the code correctly in the space provided on the Captcha to certify that you are human and not a robot.

Ultoo Captcha code for login

Step 3> After providing correct information and code you will be directed to the home page, which is also called Dashboard.

Know your Horoscope Ultoo


Step 4> You can read your horoscope in two ways. One is by clicking on the link ‘More’ in the tab included in the dashboard called ‘Horoscope’.

Know your horrorscope Step 5> Another way of reaching your horoscope page is by clicking on ‘My Bhavishya’ tab shown under the heading home. Know your bhavisya| ultoo

So, what are you waiting for? Just login to Ultoo and find out your daily ‘Bhavishya’ before something unexpected happens.

As we already know the main feature of Ultoo website is to  provide its users to make more free mobile recharge by playing games,quiz and referring their friends to Ultoo website.So Register with Ultoo website,earn recharge  and have fun.

Benefits of “Fullonsms” for Medical Professionals is a website which caters to numerous Indian users for services like sending free SMS to any mobile number in India. Even STD numbers can receive message without spending a single penny. Users can incorporate links of videos in their message, which itself can be in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi or any other Indian language.

Its gradual popularity has brought hoards of users belonging to different part of Indian community. Some are regular day job workers, students, businessmen, engineers etc. The website offers various benefits to even white collar job holders. Today we will focus on the benefits offered by the website for medical professionals.

sending sms doctor

Benefits offered are listed below:

Online Address Book: Medical professionals like ER doctors, Dentist etc. have to store many essential numbers which can get lost or deleted from mobile at any point of day due to virus or accidental formatting of the mobile. Writing them down on a diary can also be a tedious job. allows its users to store contacts in their accounts online which help to save them for a longer period of time as they cannot be deleted even after accidental format of the computer.

Creating Groups: Doctors, nurses, dentists and other similar professionals can create a group on Fullonsms according to certain criteria like regular patients, medical suppliers, and other doctors for easy access. These groups can be used to send single message rather than typing same message numerous times. For example ‘if doctor wants to inform his patients about his unavailability for few days and subsequent cancellation of appointment for those days, all he has to do is type a single message and send it to the group consisting of his patients.

Alerts and Notifications: Doctors can create alerts for important meeting with clients, superiors or suppliers. They can also set alerts for emergency or special appointments. Notifications can be sent for pending medical orders or bills to suppliers and patients. In return patients can also use this website to send free SMS to their doctors for appointment confirmation.

Create Survey Form: Fullonsms allows its users to create their own survey forms. Users can get instant feedback without any charges. This can be helpful to doctors who want to introduce new equipment or want to know the reaction of his patients regarding any changes in the timing of the meeting hours or relocation of the hospital etc. This form helps the doctors to get instant feedback regarding any change.

Young female doctor using smartphone

Response and Interaction: The messages take only a fraction of a second to reach its recipient. This helps to increase the interaction between patients and doctors or doctors and suppliers etc. Fullonsms also helps to build closer bond between doctors and other individuals as doctors can interact more with other patients and suppliers without the worry of spending any amount for the said interaction.

The above points advocate advantages of having an account with the website for any medical professional. These benefits are also available for different users irrespective of their jobs and position in the Indian community. You can easily send inspirational or informational messages all over India, in just a fraction of a second, without spending anything from your pocket. All you need to do is register on Fullonsms with a valid mobile number and an active email id and send messages to any mobile number in India without shelling a single penny.

Schedule an SMS and Save your time

Schedule an SMS

Our fast moving lives have made us so busy that it becomes so difficult to remember certain important things apart from our daily routine tasks. Even the phone reminders fail to cope with the situations as we do not have time to schedule them too. We miss out the extremely important events, dates, meetings, birthdays of close friends and sometimes even the installment of our insurance policy. Though the modern technology has made our life quite easy and smooth but it is difficult to keep pace with the ever transforming world.  But as it is said that there is always a solution for every problem, we have one for this as well.

schedule sms

We all use messaging service (SMS) to communicate with our friends, relatives and our business clients etc. It happens to be the most convenient option of reaching to the desired person and to get or give information. But have you ever thought of creating a reminder with the help of a SMS? If not, then here we bring for you the amazing feature of Scheduling SMS on . Here are some of the reasons that will make you use this unique feature:

  1. Create Reminders for Meetings: There are times when you forget or skip your important clients and meetings. With the help of the Scheduling SMS service, you can draft a message and schedule the same for the desired date and your problem is solved. Hence, you won’t miss any of your important meetings and can manage other tasks too.
  2. Birthday / Anniversary Greetings: Since life is too short to live with grudges, you can’t afford to miss the birthday of your close friend or the marriage anniversary of any relative. You can schedule the greetings available on the website for the upcoming birthdays & anniversaries. This way you can make them feel special and even keep yourself away from the taunting remarks of others.
  3. Alerts for Important Events: Since we cannot rely on our phone reminders, it is easy to activate alerts with the help of the messages on FullonSMS. You can compile the list according to date and change it whenever you want to do it.
  4. No extra Efforts : As you have already scheduled all your priorities and tasks, you need not do any extra efforts for the same. It even ensures instant delivery of messages and helps you stay connected to all your loved ones.

Even if you are busy in your professional life, you will never miss or regret to be in touch with your family and friends as they are just an SMS away. Never miss a chance to give your good wishes or to be in contact with everyone through Free SMS with

Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps

Instant Messaging Apps

Mobile messaging trend has given the communication process a new twist with easy and instant contact with all the near and dear ones. There are several websites which provide different services to enhance the messaging experience of the user such as fullonsms which allows the user to send free SMS to a particular contact or to a group. Everybody over the age of 10 years and under the age of 70 years is keeping in touch by sending SMS or by sending messages through Instant Messaging Apps. This has led to overload of messaging apps as all the companies want to invent the best and most popular app for the world to use, which has further resulted in two issues:

  1. First issue is that almost 90% of the apps have same features
  2. And the other issue is that this similarity in features has created more confusion for the people as to which app is the best and should be used more

To combat with the problem of confusion, we have compiled a list of most popular Instant Messaging Apps and their attributes.

WeChat: - WeChat was developed in January 2011 by Tencent (Chinese Company). It supports different operating systems such as Blackberry 10, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, OS X, Symbian etc. For users benefit, it is available in 15 languages.


This feature-packed application offers:

  1. Texting
  2. Voice Chat
  3. Official Account
  4. Advertisement Friendly
  5. Gaming Apps
  6. Timeline information
  7. QR Code

Whatsapp: - Whatsapp shot to popularity very fast and is still climbing to the top, outshining all the other messaging application. It was developed by two US citizens namely, Brian Acton and Jan Koun. They both were former employees of Yahoo! On 19 Feb 2014 Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, owner announced acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook for the amount of $19 billion.


Some of the Attributes of Whatsapp are as follows:

  1. Text and Voice Chat.
  2. Group Creation.
  3. Picture and Video Sharing.
  4. Broadcasting Message to all Contacts.
  5. Contact Sending.
  6. Privatizing last seen setting.

Some of the Disadvantage suffered by the App is:

  1. No Video Chat.
  2. No Advertising.
  3. Branded Stickers are also not available.

Facebook Messenger: - This application was started as an extension to messaging feature offered by Facebook. It was released in August 2011 for Android and IOS mobile platforms and for Blackberry mobile users the app was released in October 2011. By updating the app furthermore, users now can use Facebook Messenger without Facebook account, just by simply using name and mobile number.


Some of the features offered by the app are:

  1. Texting.
  2. Video Chat.
  3. Photo and Video sending.
  4. Branded Stickers.
  5. Voice and Video Call.
  6. Group Chat.


  1. No Advertising.
  2. User cannot hide last seen setting.

Skype: - Skype was derived from two words, namely, ‘Sky’ and ‘peer’. It was originally developed by Skype Technologies and was released in August 2003 and is currently handled by Microsoft Skype Division. Skype can be used in over 38 languages and supports Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 and OS, Xbox One and many more platforms.




Some of the features offered by the application are:

  1. Texting
  2. Video Chat
  3. Photo and Video sending
  4. Voice / Video Call
  5. Group Chat
  6. Calling facility to any number.


  1. No Branding Stickers
  2. No Advertising Facility.

Viber: - Viber was created by Viber Media on 2nd December 2010. IT supports numerous platforms of both mobile and desktop like Windows Phone, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Linux, Symbian, Bada etc. Furthermore it is available 16 languages.


Salient features offered by the app are:

  1. Texting
  2. Video Chat
  3. Voice and Video Call
  4. Photo and Video sending
  5. Sketch and Location sending

Disadvantages: -

  1. No Branded Stickers
  2. No Advertising

The featured applications are some of the best example of prominent Instant Messaging application. To bring the level of mobile messaging (SMS) up to the standard of these Messaging apps, there are many websites such as “Fullonsms” which allows the user to send video greetings, sending free SMS etc. to all their contacts.

8 Weird things that Women share through Whatsapp!

We all agree that women talk more than men. Researchers have found that women have a high level of ‘language protein’ in their brain. It is hard to find a woman who does not like to chit chat. Talking starts at an early age and grows with age. Talking and gossiping is

Woman talking and gossiping

their birth right and nobody can abduct that from them. The traditional woman could be seen chatting while doing daily tasks like buying vegetables from a street hawker or during the long walks in the park.

Also, when it comes to interacting, modern day woman are quite savvy on platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp etc. Smart phones have made them use the technology and they can be seen busy adapting to the platform and its virtues. The launch of Whatsapp has made this sharing process even faster and wider. From chats to gossips, they share even their newly bought furniture or diamond sets with their friends.

Two teenage girls using smartphone

Here are some examples of how crazy can women can be when it comes to sharing and chatting over Whatsapp:

  1. Flaunting: It’s said that a woman is never completely dressed until she doesn’t flaunt the same. She likes to share her shopping experiences, brand preferences and deals. Sharing and exposing is something she loves dearly. Since Whatsapp allows sharing images, they share their newly bought diamond set, sari, watch and even a newly bought dinner set.
  2. Endless Talks: The best way to gossip without worrying about the phone bills is Whatsapp. They hardly call up any of their friend as now they can share their endless talks over the same.
  3. New Recipe: Women love experimenting, so if at all they have cooked or tried a new recipe, they won’t miss a chance to show the same to all their groups.
  4. Discuss Mr. Husband: Since they love their husbands so much, they love to bring him all the time in discussions. Any new joke about their husband will be shared immediately to all the married friends and the conversation will continue up to next 2-3 hours.
  5. Announce new shopping destinations and malls: We all know that women love to shop, even if they do not want that thing they’ll buy it because it’s a new product in the mall. The news of a newly opened shopping mall takes them to cloud nine and they never miss to share with their friends.
  6. Famous Mother-in-Law:  A touchy topic but mother-in-law topic somehow always comes up because it is a common story which everyone relates to immediately. Whether it is a case of humor or an incident of inspiration, a woman has always placed her Mother-in-law as an important part of her life.
  7. Whereabouts:  Since all of their friends are not on Facebook or other social media, they like to share their location on their whatsapp group. Every time they go out for shopping, outing or on any holiday, they readily announce their location to invite or connect.
  8. Videos:  Last but not the least, they love to share videos that are funny, weird and at the same time entertaining too. You won’t find scarcity of videos once you add them in your groups.

 The modern women love to be updated with the new technology and the latest trends hence are addicted to it.  New chronic called ‘Whatsapptitis’ is in the air. All these things can be shared and sent with the help of  free SMS service through FullonSMS as all the latest trending, videos and stories are here making easy for all the ‘Womenias’ to share!


Online Stores : The smarter way to shop

Gone are the days when just to buy a mobile you had to call up all the relatives and friends to get the idea of the best product available. Then we used to hop in with some elder or a friend who was expert in bargaining and visit a showroom to purchase the product. The smarter way of shopping is here. Online shopping today has become one of the best shopper stop  especially for cosmetics, branded products, electronic products, books, kitchen wares and shoes and apparels. Now there is no need to fight the scorching heat or brave the cold to visit some distant showroom to purchase a product. You can do it at the ease of a click/tap on your laptop / personal computer or mobile. online shopping With standardization of products and advent of branded and reputed products, now there is no need to worry about being cheated. Even the online shopping stores have built a reputation and are a brand in itself and products purchased such portal do not require a genuine certificate. Further, the guarantee / warranty now rests with the manufacturers and there is no need to bother the online portals unless the first delivery is deficient or product or specifications varies from the one purchased online. shopping through mobile phone The best part of shopping online is that you get the best price available for a product combined with several types of discounts introduced either by the web-portal or other promoters or through season sales and discount coupons. EMI options available for purchase through credit cards make online shopping a heaven for shopaholics. Another advantage the consumer enjoys is of comparing the products with similar products and on different consumer portals with regards to pricing and specifications. Product specifications are available with almost each product making it easy to identify the one that meets our requirements. Free Home deliveries combined with ‘Cash on delivery’ not only you saves you petrol, time and transportation costs but also enables the consumer to pay for the product only once he is satisfied after personal examination of the delivered goods. You can also get the product straightway delivered to a different person to whom you want to gift the product. With surge e-commerce, shopping portals have been able to drastically reduce the delivery times and some products get delivered within the next day, subject to availability. free home delivery The only concern that some consumers had so far was related to certain products such as shoes, dress material and apparels that can purchased only after a trial. But now most of the popular online are offering a Return policy of returning the product within a specified period of time if the consumer is not 100% satisfied with the product and offer full refund or replacement. These measures have now turned online shopping into consumer friendly and dependable. So, friend be smart and do not waste your time roaming around in this hot and sticky weather to find a suitable gift to impress your girlfriend. Just login to some popular online shopping portal, compare the price and products and gift your friend the best choice at a reasonable rate. Happy Shopping J. To share this article with friends simply login to and send free SMS or “secret message”.

5 Ways to distinguish between a Real and Fake “Tech-Savvy”

“I am a tech-savvy” .This is the most common dialogue among the group of a youngsters discussing about the latest gadgets and their technical facts. They rate the different apps and features of different mobile phones, software etc as soon they are launched. The current phase of technology has made everything so unique and fast that there is a section of people who are always eager to know about the recent launched technology based product. They are the self-proclaimed jury who act as a censor board of the Indian Cinema.

We all know that one person who is always ready to argue over the newly launched mobile phone, laptop or some application. Though they are sometimes right, but their attitude makes us ignore their stupid talks. In all this hustle we all miss the sincere and honest so called ‘Tech-savvy’ , who is having some logic and justification for his/her statement. Here are 5 ways that can help you identify a true Tech savvy :

  1. Logical Reasoning : Though every tech savvy tries his/her best to prove their statement correct but the reason of a sincere person will always convince you to trust them as they have a logic behind it.
  2. No argument, only justification : Unlike the fake tech –savvy, an honest guy will always justify his/her statement without any argument and if it all you are not able to get their point they will make their best effort to help you understand the same.
  3. Ranking/ Rating the Gadget(technology) : Though there are many experts who are being paid for analyzing the given technology, but their approach is always selfless as they love to share their knowledge. They will rate the application with the best of their knowledge and expertise.
  4. Professional and Formal approach: They way a real guide tells you about the product/technology cannot be compared with any other thing at all. Instead of flaunting and over-expressing, they always adopt a formal approach to explain things.
  5. Feedback : Last but not the least, they always take your feedback very carefully. They are never offended by the criticism as they are always open for suggestions and improvement.

So, the next time you meet any fake tech savvy , you can simply recall the above mentioned points and make yourself prepared for their illogical reasons of rating any technology. You can even share this knowledge with your friends and groups with the help of sending free sms to mobile through websites such as that gives you the feature of sending free messages across the country.

Share your views and knowledge with all your friends and help them know the real tech –savvies with the help of Fullonsms.