3 Features of Scheduled SMS

SMS is one of the most popular types of communication. The sole reason for SMS to be so popular among masses is the fact that it is a short message people send to convey useful information. FullonSMS.com is a leading brand that caters to all kinds of users by offering them a Free SMS service. Users can send Free SMS to anyone anywhere they wish. One of the most unique features of the site is its Scheduled SMS. Read this article to know more about this unique feature.

  1. Reminds You Of Birthdays:

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Scheduled SMS are the perfect solution for you, if you are the kind of person who keeps forgetting everyone’s birthdays. With the help of the Scheduled SMS feature on FullonSMS.com you can set a particular date and time to send a message to a particular number and the site will take care of the rest.

  1. Can Send Messages At A Particular Time:

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Busy schedule can always spell disaster especially if you forget to send everyone reminders of an important event or meeting. Users can use FullonSMS.com to make sure that this kind of situation does not take place. By using Scheduled SMS users can send messages to multiple people at a particular time.

  1. Alert Messages:

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Users can also create a message alert if they want. Users can simply choose to send anyone a particular message and feed in the number and date they want the message to be delivered. FullonSMS ensures that such important message will be delivered on the exact date and time mentioned by the user.

Spread The Awareness of Swachh Diwali Through SMS


Today, pollution is a major issue that the world needs to tackle. Disastrous phenomena such as   green house effect, ozone layer depletion and increased smog levels in the air are all results of increased air pollution in our environment.

Diwali is that time of the year when every Indian Lights at least one cracker to celebrate the victory of good over evil. In northern states of India, people burn crackers with their families all night to showcase their enthusiasm of the festival, hence highly polluting the environment.

This is where the concept of Swacch Diwali comes up. Swacch Diwali is an initiative taken up by FullonSMS.com where we request our customers to enjoy a Swacch Diwali with the happy team of FullonSMS. All a user needs to do is celebrate a Diwali without crackers.

Celebrating a Swacch Diwali will not only help you keep your house clean but will also help you breathe a cleaner air the next day. To share this thoughtful initiative you can log on to FullonSMS.com and send Free SMS to your friends wishing them a safe and Swacch Diwali.

Diwali SMS you can send to your Crush!

Diwali sms

Do you wonder at times whether or not should you drop a message to your crush? It happens that you so want to talk to them but again, you don’t want to be seen desperate. So whether to initiate the conversation or not remains a fight between the head and the heart.

Though, there are times when you can find out a mid-way, and satisfy both your love and your ego, and Diwali is the best such time. Wonder how?

Diwali is a time where you cannot but share your joy with everyone. Yes, without the fear of being misinterpreted. So here we have exciting Diwali sms for you, and lots of them, so you can choose the best one for you and send it to all your friends and relatives, and also to your crush!

Here is a website with whole range of Diwali sms templates i.e http://fullonsms.com/ that you cannot miss but grab it before any of your friends let that message out! So this Diwali, do not forward the same old messages, get brand new Diwali sms from us and send it to all. And your crush might just start talking right after you send them the message!

Make Your Diwali SMS Special This Year

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Every year we celebrate Diwali to commemorate the victory of good over evil, but nowadays the evil seems to be our jobs. Today each and every person is focused towards building a successful career, right from our very birth we are put forward in a world full of competition. In order to survive in this cut throat competition we sacrifice almost anything when it comes to our career, even the precious moments we get to spend with our family. Whether it be shopping or spending precious time with our family, our hectic schedules do not permit us so much time that we could fit in days of shopping or celebrations on top of work.

FullonSMS as one of the largest Free SMS Service providers realizes how important our loved ones are for you, especially during a special time such as Diwali and thus, fullonsms.com offers all its customers a chance to stay in touch with close friends and family this Diwali.

Users have the freedom to send as many Diwali SMS as they like and can even personalize their Navaratri Messages on our easy to use platform. Users even have the option of sending a readymade Diwali SMS template to add a thoughtful message in their wishes.

Also, Diwali proves to be one of the best occasions for retailers and small business firms to make a great profit therefore, FullonSMS ensures all its customers are able to connect heart to heart this Diwali.

SMS Language Ruining The English Literature

Technology was originated to ensure an easier life for human beings. Technology in the recent years has broken all records and made commendable growth to make day to day functions easier and faster for all of us. However, the society believes that along with technology some good and bad things have taken a spot in our daily habits. For instance continuously being immersed into our Mobile phones is one such bad habit that has parents worried about their child’s brain development; another such major issue seems to be the ‘SMS Language’.

SMS was discovered in 1984 by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert who wanted to create a technology that could send a short message to someone. The SMS quickly became popular as a method of indirect communication. Today SMS is by far the most popular form of communication among the youth. People just send each other a quick text message when they want to pass on some important information without having to wait for the person to be available.

The main concern of both teachers and parents today seem to be the short SMS Language children use to text each other. Lots of children use either a phone or Free SMS websites such as FullonSMS.com to send each other messages, where there are only 200 to 300 words allowed per message. To send the complete information, children cut some words short for example, the is written as d, how are you is written as hru, and by the way becomes btw. This phenomenon of cutting words short in SMS is known as the SMS Language and is considered to be the major barrier between children and the English Literature. Professors, Teachers and Parents discourage the use of this SMS language and claim it to be harm to the proper usage of English Language.