NDMC launches Free WI-FI Service for Delhites in Connaught Place area

connaught place new delhi picture

We all love free things, especially free gifs, blessings and of course a free Wi-Fi connection.  There are many places, restaurants, etc. that provide free Wi-Fi to the public. A similar activity has happened in Delhi. In consonance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ project, the New Delhi Municipal Council today launched Wi-Fi services in Connaught Place, the business hub of the capital. NDMC in collaboration with Tata Teleservices has launched a service for all the visitors of the Inner circle market of Connaught place area where they can use the service free of cost.

Peoples using wifi at Connaught Place

The facility can be availed by any visitor on their phone and computer by providing few details such as phone number and e-mail id, after submitting these details, the user will receive a onetime password (What is OTP) which will connect them to the internet immediately.  The service will be free of cost for the first twenty minutes and after the free usage time is exhausted, the user will have to do a recharge using recharge cards available at various shops, including Tata Docomo retail outlets, in the area. This service has been launched by Meenakshi Lekhi, the new MP of New Delhi. “This Wi-Fi service in Connaught Place will be the largest ever in India. At a time, the service can be availed by 5,000 people with the speed 512 Kbps, She said.

Many such services are being launched by the Govt. in order to benefit the public. Though this service will be free up to just 20 minutes but after that the user needs to get a recharge from a nearby Tata Docomo store. This could be a good piece of news for the users as long as they do not have to pay for the same. Since, the service is of a short term, there are many other alternatives which can be used in lieu of this one.

Many websites provide free recharges for a long term which is more convenient for the users. www.Ultoo.com is one such website that provides the service of free recharge by  playing  games, survey, polls and quiz through its platform.The users can earn points while having fun and also learning new things and can redeem the points to get a free recharge with Ultoo.com. It is as simple as liking a picture on facebook. Forget about running for a recharge shop , earn a free recharge everyday with Ultoo.com .

Apple to Shut Down I-phone5C’s Production by 2015

news apple's iphone 5 is shutting down
The certain boom in the Electronics and Technology industry has increased the competition among different brands and their products. Mobile phones are the most common product which is in demand in the current scenario. Almost each brand has launched its new range of mobile phones to attract different users. Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung are the top big brands that are fighting with each other in order to retain in the market.

Reason behind stopping the manufacture of I-phone5C

With the launch of Apple’s I-phone6, many users have now switched to this brand. Though the brand has quite high costing mobile phones and products, but the users still buy them because of its name and goodwill. It is holding a good grip on the smart phone market by launching new products and selling the old ones at a low price. This whole strategy has made the brand not popular in the market but also has helped them in generating high revenues for themselves.
iphone shut down

Issues and Problems with I-phone5C

In recent news, Apple has announced that its I-phone5C will not be available in the market from 2015 onwards. After the launch of its latest models, I-phone6 and I-phone Plus the demand for the older models has decreased. With a view of promoting the new technology, the company has decided to reduce the manufacturing of the handset slowly and will end it soon by 2015. Though the brand has not made any official announcement, but the reports say that there are certain parts of the mobile phone that are not available anymore in the market so the production of the same cannot be continued further.

Benefits for Users and Brand

With this news, the prices of the other products of this brand are also supposed to get down which again is good news for the consumers and the brand as well. Now, people are waiting for the drop down of cost of I-phone 6 so that they can buy it easily.


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Tragic end to the 25 year old player, Phillip Hughes life journey

step by step-phillip Hughes died
26th November 2014 encountered a tragic end to the journey of the young Australian batsman, Phillip Hughes who died due to a head injury. The 25-year old cricketer got hit by a ball while playing a domestic match in Australia on 25th November 2014. This whole news has sent shock waves through the cricket world as it is a huge setback to all the sport lovers. It is also shocking news as no such accident has ever happened on the field of cricket.

Who was Phillip Hughes?

Phillip Joel Hughes (30 November 1988 – 27 November 2014) was an Australian Test and One-Day International (ODI)cricketer who played domestic cricket for South Australia and Worcestershire. He was a left-handed opening batsman who played for two seasons with New South Wales before making his Test debut in 2009 at the age of 20.

Reason behind the incident

The player got a head injury while playing a domestic match in his native country. Though the player was wearing a helmet while batting, but the ball hit his head so badly that he got fainted at the field itself. Later he was hospitalized in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney where the doctors examined a fracture in his skull bone. After a few hours only, he fell into unconscious state of coma and was put on the life support system. The doctors declared him dead late night on 26th November 2014 after removing him from the support system.

Shocking and Surprising Accident

This whole accident has come out as shocking news for the whole cricket world as the players are provided with all the required safety equipments while playing on the ground. Hughes too was wearing a helmet when he got hit by a ball being thrown by the baller. Experts are in a dilemma as to how to explain the logic and reason behind the injury and the accident and are further looking deep into the matter to find out the exact reason behind his injury that transformed into death.
This whole accident has raised a question on the facilities provided by the sports authorities while playing. It is a matter of grave concern that despite of wearing all the safety equipments a player got an injury by a ball. The matter will remain a mystery unless an investigation is being done for the same. Hoping that these kinds of accidents do not happen in the future, we must pray for the divine soul of a great player and kind human being, Phillip Hughes. May his soul rest in peace.

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DDLJ’s trailer re-released to mark the 1,000th week after release!

“Jaa simran jaa, jee le apni zindagi” This particular dialogue comes to our mind whenever we talk about the block buster movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge aka DDLJ which has completed 1000 weeks of its release till date. With the huge success of the movie, the makers have decided to produce the second part of the movie, the trailer for which has been released on the occasion of its completion of 1000th week. The announcement of this very news has made the viewers excited as they are looking forward to its release. The trailer of the second part has been released already which is running successfully in the theatres across the country.

Many bollywood movies have created records in the past and some of them are even re-made with the same concept but different actors. The trend of re-making of the popular and hit movies is quite older in the country as the audiences like to repeat the history, especially when it comes to love stories and movies based on real life incidents. There have been many movies that earned quite good revenues but couldn’t win the hearts of the viewers. DDLJ is one of the exceptional stories which is being still loved and admired by the young lovers and also almost people from all the age groups.

SSA formula: Success,Storyline and its Actors

SSA formula is well used in DDLJ which means the success of a movie depends on its storyline and its actors, which are very effective in this movie, which could be the reason again for its fan following and likers. Though there can be many more reasons as well, but the common one is undoubtedly said above. The passion for the movie can be seen among the people as they are keen to watch its new version and also the use of its dialogues in daily life conversations by youngsters.
Watching a movie is always a pleasure for everyone, it is a time when families sit together, and friends meet each other and make some good memories. So, here is the time again for all of us to relish the small joys of our life with the release of the second part of this all time favorite movie of each one of us.

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The overpowering influence of saints over common man!

guru ,saint
The history of saints in India is quite old; people follow them blindly for all their preaching and knowledge. There have been many saints in the past who gave a new direction to their followers. Many people still follow their Gurus as they would follow God; it could be because of the influence the saints/babas are able to conquer the common public and even the tricks they adopt in order to attract others. It is very difficult for one to examine whether the preacher is good or bad as they have some hypnotizing powers that make people fall for them.

Sant Rampal: Modern Saint of the Society

This age-old culture has made it a tradition which is followed by almost half of the population of the country. This whole procedure has now made the activity to turn into a full-fledged business which is run by all so called Modern saints who claim to be the well-wishers of the society, which is actually not a truth. The recent case of a dholak wala turned to a famous baba, Sant Rampal who was accused in the murder of an innocent villager in some personal revenge. With more than 20,000 followers, the saint stayed in his ashram in the Barwala district of Haryana state, which was gifted to him by one of his followers after his prediction help him get a job in Pune. The superstitious mind set of the people helped him to build an image of a pure saint.
criminal case :baba rampal

Criminal Case Over Baba Rampal!

In the year 2006, he was supposed to appear in the court for his hearing in the case where he was accused to be the main culprit, but he didn’t as his followers didn’t let the police to arrest him. After 8 years, in 2014 he was again called up by the Supreme court for the same case, the incident happened again this time now but in a severe manner. The actual story came out when police was successful to arrest Rampal and put him behind the bars. Many followers were arrested who protested against the police while the saint was being taken under custody.
sant rampal's ashram


Illegal Activities and Ashram

All of his followers were part of the illegal activities that were happening in the Ashram of saint rampal, the story of which came out after media and police checked the place. It is a matter of grave concern for all those people who blindly follow such kind of fake saints without knowing them at all. The story needs to be taken as a precaution for all the people as it is an eye-opener for everyone. The Govt. also needs to take some strict action to control the power of such people that exploit the people socially and mentally.
We can never expect a better India unless and until we contribute towards the growth with all our dedication. These saints like Rampal should be boycotted from the society to make it a better place to live.

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