SMS Language Ruining The English Literature

Technology was originated to ensure an easier life for human beings. Technology in the recent years has broken all records and made commendable growth to make day to day functions easier and faster for all of us. However, the society believes that along with technology some good and bad things have taken a spot in our daily habits. For instance continuously being immersed into our Mobile phones is one such bad habit that has parents worried about their child’s brain development; another such major issue seems to be the ‘SMS Language’.

SMS was discovered in 1984 by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert who wanted to create a technology that could send a short message to someone. The SMS quickly became popular as a method of indirect communication. Today SMS is by far the most popular form of communication among the youth. People just send each other a quick text message when they want to pass on some important information without having to wait for the person to be available.

The main concern of both teachers and parents today seem to be the short SMS Language children use to text each other. Lots of children use either a phone or Free SMS websites such as to send each other messages, where there are only 200 to 300 words allowed per message. To send the complete information, children cut some words short for example, the is written as d, how are you is written as hru, and by the way becomes btw. This phenomenon of cutting words short in SMS is known as the SMS Language and is considered to be the major barrier between children and the English Literature. Professors, Teachers and Parents discourage the use of this SMS language and claim it to be harm to the proper usage of English Language.

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Get Together Via SMS

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Happiness happens when School and College Friends get together. I read this quote in the paper and am sure that everyone would agree with me. It is necessary to stay in touch with the friends who have backed you up during your adolescent age (the hardest part of life), and a Get Together is the best way to do so.

Get together is also a great way to socialize and reunite with old friends. So, if you are planning on a Get Together, we have some useful tips to contribute in your plan.

Send Free SMS

Sending Free SMS through Online SMS Service providers for example and is an efficient and economical way to communicate. Just think about it, if you have to send 50 people invites and give response to their queries you will receive a huge phone bill.

Free SMS Facility providers Online give you the advantage of Sending Free SMS to many people at once. All you have to do is save the numbers in your contact list and type one message that will be delivered to all the recipients you select.

SMS Easier Form Of Communication

People may not always be available on Facebook, Whatsapp and any other social networking sites or apps. However, a user does not require internet access to receive a message. You can Message anybody at any time and they are bound to see your text.

Calling everyone can become a great headache as you will need to repeat the same details to everyone and juggling work while on the phone can be a tedious task. Also people with multi-tasking issues are capable of making blunders.

With SMS you can sit back and message your friends about the venue, time and dress code while you handle work. Go ahead and plan a mind blowing get together where the only expense is on food on drinks while the Online SMS Service providers take care of your SMS bill.

The Benefit of SMS

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With the rapid development of technology in today’s World, it has become easier for people to communicate with each other. Devices such as Phones, Laptops and Tabs have become essential part of our lives, which helps us communicate with our loved ones or handle business matters over phone calls, video chats Emails and SMS.

Recently many Sites for example FullonSMS, Ultoo and others have come up with Send Free SMS Services for users online.  The user is requested to register with the site and thereafter can Send Free SMS and as many as they like through the Site. This Article will enlighten you on some of the major benefits such Online Free SMS providers have in store-

  • Instant:  One of the major features of SMS is that they are instant. You can send anybody an SMS from anywhere in the World and they would instantly receive it. Online SMS providers offer SMS services to users, where users can text anybody from the website free of cost. Also it helps business stay in touch with their customers by instantly sending Free Online SMS to multiple consumers.
  • Personalized Touch:  SMS are a great way to send across a personalized text to family and friends.  Online SMS providers allow you to type and send a personal SMS to friends, family members and even customers. This feature is beneficial to small business firms who can utilize it to build a loyal relation with consumers.
  • No Need for Internet:  Online SMS providers however may need to use the internet to type and send a message; receivers do not require an internet connection to get the text. If you are ever out of balance and are in urgent need to contact a guardian Online SMS Service is the best option for you.
  • Connect: Sending SMS is a great way to stay connected with family and friends. Online SMS service providers give you the option of communicating frequently with your loved ones who are settled abroad and that to free of cost. Not only that, business users can connect to customers by communicating ongoing promotional activities to them through SMS.

With the entire population of the World running around with a phone in their pockets, it has become far easier to reach them via SMS. It does not matter where you get an SMS from you are bound to read it and therefore, it has become one of the most convenient tools of marketing.